Sunday, January 8, 2012


Deborah Brown photo by Libby Graham
Deborah Brown is JazzVox host Nich Anderson’s favorite living jazz singer and she certainly didn’t disappoint that sublimely lovely Friday night before last (1/6/12).  Music aficionados Angela and Paul Frankel so graciously opened their Northgate home for the occasion and are scheduled to co-host two more JazzVox concerts this year.  They helped kicked off Anderson’s  5th year of hosting his hugely successful  house concert series to an very appreciative audience.

Deborah is an ultra soulful jazz maven hailing from Kansas City which is the birthplace of the blues jazz genre, and brought it all home along with local pianist extraordinaire Bill Anschell.  Deborah’s songs ranged from Irving Berlin’s “Falling in love with love” to Ellington’s “Mood Indigo” to Don Redman’s “Gee baby Ain’t  I good to you”.  She has incredible vocal control and can swoop, turn, or extend a melody to fit the song’s mood and lyrics.  Her scatting is effortless and beguiling, and has the ability to connect to an audience with utter flair, wit and charm.  There is not much this fine lady cannot do, and I will be an uber fan of hers forever!

Please visit Deborah Brown's wonderful website,, for her discography and bio, as well as Nich Anderson's great JazzVox website,, for all the latest concert/artist info and to make reservations.

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