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The 2009 JazzVox concert series, hosted by vocal jazz fanatic Nich Anderson, is in full swing and so far has delivered the goods and how!  The series is now in its second year and continues to enthrall audiences who clamor for more!  On January 10th, we were treated to a stellar performance by Kathleen Grace, a fast-rising singer/songwriter whose genre-blending artistry is recognized as uniquely fresh and insightful.  On March 6th, vocalist Stephanie Nakasian took center stage along with husband, bop pianist Hod O’Brien, and brought down the house with her hip, swinging rhythm and hilarious sense of humor.  The most recent concert held March 21st featured vocalist/trumpeter extraordinaire Jake Bergevin, whose brand of lovingly familiar and refreshingly original jazz along with a generous dose of crooning vocalese took our breath away!

Each concert has been a masterful work of art and a dream come true for Nich!  It means a lot to him for people to enjoy outstanding vocal jazz in his own home and the home of Andy and Patti Carr.  He says, “I first got the house concert bug about eight years ago when I heard Nancy King…THE Nancy King in someone’s living room with just her and the fantastic John Stowell on guitar.  It was so intimate and fun – a real “listening room”.  That’s not to say I don’t love visiting the great jazz venues in the Seattle area.  I wanted to provide venues in places where jazz isn’t happening much (Auburn/Federal Way and Camano Island) while also getting to book the singers that I love.  I’m an avid listener and some of my favorite singers don’t come to perform in Seattle.  My options were to go to them or…provide them with an opportunity and bring them here.  Three years ago I finally bought a place with an appropriate space to host concerts, bought a piano, sound system, 30 folding chairs and…am elated to welcome jazz enthusiasts into my home to enjoy fantastic artists monthly!”

Nich has such a wonderful rapport with his guest artists and nurtures an ongoing relationship with them, bringing out the very best of their potential.  He treats those who attend his concerts with the same respect and garners their sincere admiration and enthusiasm.  The following quotes are rave reviews from a couple of concert-goers:  Ellen Barber Walworth - “I loved the intimate atmosphere and accessibility of the artists.  JazzVox concerts provide a tantalizing mix of great music and great people.  My husband and I will definitely be back for more!”, and Louise Uriu - “It was an incredible experience - to be able to chat one-on-one with the performers.  I feel like I got to know them a bit, and that brings the experience of listening to a great performance to a whole new level!  I’m hooked!”

The upcoming JazzVox performances promise to be just as amazing with Grammy award-winning vocalist/composer John Proulx in April, Australian-born songstress Chris McNulty in May, the incomparable Nancy King along with famed bassist Glen Moore in June, and New Orleans-influenced vocalist Cindy Scott with premier NW pianist Randy Porter in July.   A complete schedule of concerts is as follows:

Fri,   April 17  -  John Proulx, Thomas Marriott, & Chuck Kistler - Camano Island
Sat,  April 18  -  John Proulx scat workshop - Auburn
Sat,  April 18  -  John Proulx, Thomas Marriott, & Chuck Kistler - Auburn

Sat,  May 09  -  Chris McNulty w/ Paul Bollenback - Auburn
Sun, May 10  -  Chris McNulty w/ Paul Bollenback - Camano Island

Sat,  June 13  -  Nancy King and Glen Moore "King & Moore" - Auburn
Sun, June 14  -  Nancy King and Glen Moore "King & Moore" - Camano Island

Sat,  July 18   -  Cindy Scott & Randy Porter -  Bake’s Place (not Nich’s series)
Sun, July 19   -  Cindy Scott & Randy Porter -  Camano Island

If these concerts and artists sound intriguing and you would love to know more about them, please visit Nich’s wonderful website at  From there, you can simply make your selections and reserve your seats via advance donation either by check or PayPal online.  All performances are held in two locations - Nich Anderson’s home in Auburn and the home of close friends Andy and Patti Carr on Camano Island.  You will be assured of a beautiful evening with good friends, great cuisine and an intimate setting to hear the very finest jazz.  This fabulous concert series is truly a gem and a special gift to the Seattle jazz scene – will see you there!

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