Sunday, October 24, 2010


My first impression of Dave Frishberg at Bake’s Place on 10/23/10 is. . Here’s a non-nonsense man whose keen observations of life and people are in the know yet who has profound reverence for days and folk-heroes gone by.  Mr. Frishberg conveys great wit and poignancy in his musings and has that rare ability to laugh at himself as well.  His songs are carefully crafted with sophisticated melodies and often quirky lyrics but never loses sight of the emotional essence or message he wants to make known.   He was at his irreverent, delightful best performing such classics as “My Attorney Bernie”, “I Want to be a Sideman” and “Long Daddy Green” and evoked much tenderness and insight with my favorite ballad, “Heart’s Desire”.  Another highlight of the evening was Dave’s hilarious, bordering on raunchy, rendition of “Moon River” giving that song a whole new ‘twist’ to be sure!

What struck me most about this amazing gentleman is his incredible range as a first-rate jazz pianist, wry humorist, and THE American poet laureate of song.  Dave’s easily-identifiable songs which also include “Peel Me A Grape”, “You Are There”, and “Eastwood Lane” are widely performed and have been recorded by Blossom Dearie, Tony Bennett, Diana Krall and many others.  As has been oft-quoted, “In the refinement of his language, he is equaled only by Stephen Sondheim among contemporary American songwriters”.  Mr. Frishberg is embraced in jazz clubs, cabarets, and concert halls all across America and abroad and has made appearances on “The Tonight Show” and NPR’s Fresh Air to rave reviews.

This was an unforgettable evening at Bake’s Place in the company of great friends, and Dave Frishberg will go down in my book as one of my most unforgettable characters.  To read more about Dave’s storied biography and prolific song catalog/discography, please visit his website at

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  1. I really enjoyed writing this article about such a brilliant, iconic artist and hope you enjoy it too!