Sunday, October 10, 2010

Two JazzVox concerts for the ages - John Proulx at Auburn and Camano Island, WA

John Proulx is an extraordinarily gifted vocalist, reminiscent of the incomparable Chet Baker, whose mellow, understated delivery underscores a canny sense of rhythm.  He performs with impassioned zeal and freshness yet pays true homage to such jazz masters as Hoagy Carmichael and George Gershwin.  His great respect for the lyric and melody shines in every song and he infuses each with such love and wisdom.  John is also an outstanding Grammy-winning songwriter and plays a sizzling hot, swinging piano as well.  He has composed for such luminaries as Jazz legend Nancy Wilson and in recent years teamed with bassist Chuck Berghofer and drummer Joe LaBarbera on both his splendid CDs “Moon and Sand” (2006) and “Baker’s Dozen” (2009).
I had a fabulous time seeing John perform in a concert on Friday, April 9th in Auburn, WA and again on Sunday at Camano Island, WA as part of the JazzVox house concert series.  Nich Anderson is the series’ wonderful host and features sensational national and local vocalists to rave reviews.  Both settings provided an enchanting, intimate experience which beautifully complimented John’s considerable charm and exquisite musicality.  John shared delightful insights into each song’s origin and made the music come alive with his heartfelt renditions.  His ballads and original pieces are particularly pristine, notably “I Remember You”, “Time after Time” and John’s own composition “Welcome to my World”.  He also revealed his lighter side on toe-tapping tunes as “Look for the Silver Lining” and “Hey Boo”.
John Proulx is one of LA’s world-class emerging talents and has already begun to gain national prominence following his successful 4-month stint at Loews Regency Hotel in NYC.  This engagement was offered to him by Michael Feinstein, a seasoned and celebrated singer/pianist in his own right.  John has that unique, special “something” that appeals to a great many people and I am so confident that he will go well beyond his highest aspirations.  Next time he is in town, come experience for yourself what magic John weaves with his effortless improvisations and enticing, nuanced vocal style.  Until then, check out his fabulous website at for all the latest artist bio and concert schedule information, as well as updates on his upcoming CD – he is simply not to be missed!

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