Sunday, October 10, 2010


Nich Anderson’s dream come true of an extraordinary vocal jazz house concert series in his FederalWay/Auburn home has certainly taken flight as we celebrate its second-year anniversary in January, 2010.  Nich is the JazzVox host and a member of the lauded Seattle Jazz Singers.  I have had the great pleasure of attending every concert in 2009, and his most recent offerings were nothing short of spectacular with East Coast chanteuses Patti Wicks and Hanna Richardson in October, soul-satisfying sensation Kenny Washington in November, and fiery, passionate songstress Jackie Ryan and the iridescent Typhanie Monique in December.

I and many of Nich’s fans and friends eagerly anticipate this year’s stellar concert lineup and he exudes so much enthusiasm talking about it - “The second season was so fantastic including one of my all-time favorites Madeline Eastman.  Year 3 is starting off with the amazing Jo Lawry (who has recorded recently with Fred Hersch and Sting) - her freshman disc is such a breath of fresh air - I’m just so excited she’s coming!   Many of the artists have expressed interest in repeating so we’ll have return visits from some JazzVox concertgoers’ past favorites in addition to some new names.“
This incredible concert series continues to garner rave reviews from newcomers and long-time friends as Louise Uriu who says, “I have been to several JazzVox concerts and have always been thrilled with the opportunity to chat one-on-one with the artists.  Not only do I get to gab about various musical ideas, but I also get to know them as a person!  Talking about family, food and travels - it really makes the experience meaningful!  Plus - Patti makes the most delicious treats for us after the show - worth the price of admission right there!”

The artists who perform at the JazzVox concerts “…always come away with a full heart” as Nich says affectionately.  This is reflected in the words of Patti Wicks, who wowed jazz devotees in October with her soulful, nuanced vocal delivery and highly personal piano style.  “What a joy it is to play for Nich Anderson’s first-rate JazzVox Concert Series!  He gives his artists first-class treatment professionally and personally.  I love the warm and friendly living room setting in both Nich’s cozy Auburn condo and the Carr’s lovely Camano Island home.  JazzVox concert venues have a great piano and sound system, friendly, appreciative audiences, and great home-made food for the after-concert “hang”.  It doesn’t get any better than that!”

The schedule of 2010 Jazz Vox concerts through April is as follows:  January - brilliant jazz songstress Jo Lawry w/Bill Anschell; February - mega-talented vocalist/bassist Kristin Korb w/Randy Halberstadt; March - renowned singer/educator Stephanie Nakasian w/Bill Anschell; April - Grammy award-winning vocalist/composer John Proulx w/Chuck Kistler.  Specific dates and times for these concerts will be available upon confirmation as well as information on upcoming concerts May through December.

Not only will you be treated to these exceptionally fine artists but following the show, a sumptuous gourmet buffet awaits you lovingly created by Patti Carr, a close friend and colleague of Nich’s.  She and her husband, pianist extraordinaire Andy Carr, also host JazzVox concerts in their lovely home on Camano Island, so you could potentially see a concert in each locale all in one weekend -  what a golden opportunity!

If this is your cup of tea and would love to learn more, please visit Nich’s wonderful website at with all the latest artist and concert information, previously held and upcoming.  After making your selections, simply reserve your seats via advance donation either by check or PayPal online.  You are sure to enjoy a truly one of a kind concert experience with good friends, great cuisine and the very finest in vocal jazz -  we’ll see you there!


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